The Access Ability Australia (AAA) App Release II

View a range of Access Keys as well as a sample range of AAA Communication Symbols.

Full release, including full Access Key Library and Communication Symbols in more languages anticipated in 2022.

What does it do?

Available in the App Store and Google Play, the AAA app will allow users to view and refer back to ‘pocket versions’ Access Keys in real time.

Through the use of advanced technology, the AAA app provides larger set of information in real time and allows users to actively build connection to community and enrich experiences.

Providing improved decision making on the go for people of all ability, users will be able to:

  • enjoy choice making and pursuit of active community participation
  • determine skills required to attend and feel more confident to participate and contribute to the community
  • build capacity by ensuring provision of knowledge, skills and confidence to set and achieve community and social goals
  • empowerment to be independent and to engage in social, economic and community life
  • improved understanding and development of skills with communication access symbols.

The AAA app uses picture-based symbols along with high-quality real voice synthesis.

AAA mascots, Milo and Maddy, will guide you through the app providing tips and reminders along the way.

How to use the AAA App

Download the Access Ability Australia (AAA) app on your iPhone or Android mobile device.

Select the option you’re interested in. Our Access Key range is where you can find information about accessing venues along with sensory elements of experience.

View images of the venue you are about to visit to help guide you.

Getting There and Parking

Find out the location of accessible and general parking. There are handy links to Google maps and public transport options.


Identify staff and their uniforms.


Find out about the type of toilets and/or change facilities available, and their location. View images.


Here you can find address and contact details of the venue you are about to visit.

Sensory Guide

Tap on the sensory guide to hear the sounds, see the sights and learn more about the feel and smells of the environment.

This will help you to identify and prepare for sensory elements of experience before you leave the comfort of your home.

Sensory guides will help you to strategise for your individual challenges and help you to determine what sensory tools may be required for a successful experience.

Communication Symbols

In our communication symbols section, you will gain access to a suite of AAA multilingual touch activated communication symbols that support confident communication. Symbols are touch activated, speak for you and are available in other languages.

Most venues that are showcased in Access Keys will have a communication board available on site. Symbols included on each of these customised boards are included in our app’s communication symbol library. In this current version of the AAA App, not all symbols are included. More to come later….

Milo and Maddy

Milo lives with invisible disability and Maddy is hearing impaired. Milo and Maddy will provide helpful reminders and tips throughout the app.

This second phase of testing will allow AAA to plan, develop, test and evaluate our new app. We will then work towards adding new features and scaling the AAA app nationally.   

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We need your feedback! Our app is designed for you and by you.