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AAA Communication Boards

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  • Over 1.2 million Australians have a communication disorder [1]

  • Over 5 million Australians speak a language other than English [2]

  • Over 4 million Australians have a hearing loss [3]

Living with these challenges can increase anxiety and isolation.

AccessAbilityAustralia have created Communication Boards that include visual symbols designed to facilitate confident communication.

Displayed at your front desk, reception or throughout your premises, Communication Boards will extend your services, add a new tier to customer care and relieve pressure on your staff.

AAA Communication Boards enable communication and comprehension for people who experience speech or cognitive loss due to stroke, traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease, autism or other disabilities as well as people who do not speak English.  Printed AAA Communication Boards feature contextualised topics and symbols to help people express their needs and help with the completion of tasks.

Having a Communication Board allows your visitors to be active and involved in making choices for the activities and experiences you offer.

Your visitors will be able to confidently communicate with your staff using the Communication Board by pointing or gesturing at the various symbols and pictures.

Communications Boards can be customised so the vocabulary and content complement your business and the experiences that you offer.

AAA Communication Boards are A4 and landscape in orientation.

For further information, choices available and pricing, please contact us.



[3] ‘Listen Hear! The economic impact and cost of hearing loss in Australia’ 2006, Access Economics, viewed 24 February 2017.