We are honoured to showcase active and inclusive sport and recreational facilities in customised Access Keys.

Our resources provide improved information for participation. We see no better way than to enhance the experience than to equip visitors with information needed determine the suitability of a venue along with fostering independence and providing added confidence to attend.

Beautifully tailored to support NDIS participant goals, these Access Keys include a comprehensive list of therapeutic benefits of participation which are compiled in consult with AAA’s Occupational Therapist.

It is also an honour to have our AAA Network Supporter, Disability Sport & Recreation, along for this ride and to feature the DSR NDIS Sports Guide in these respective Access Keys.

We feel privileged to support this industry and identify active participation is a critical area in need of better resourcing to help with the unfortunate chronic conditions that can often accompany disability.

Sharing the love of our Access Key initiative is the Australasian Leisure Management magazine with a recent article on how Access Keys support all Australians – regardless of ability – to participate in and contribute to community life with independence, equity and dignity. Click here to read.

Our team is passionate and committed to supporting this industry to get the best outcomes for community and clients. Our team of helpful professional staff will guide you with every step of the Access Key development journey.

We are happy to share with you the steps taken to bring a project of this magnitude together.

Click here to view a digital snapshot or read on for further information.

  1. Provide us with your Style Guide and we will do the rest. Access Keys are fully branded according to your preferred styles, colours and fonts.
  2. Facility map. Our graphic designer can customise a map for inclusion in your Access Key. This map is also fully branded and includes information that supports Access Key content.
  3. Access Key assessment. Our AAA Access Key assessor will carry out an onsite Access Key assessment. This phase involves input from our valued clients as the subject matter expert. Our AAA assessor will also work independently throughout this phase and will spend time onsite documenting, measuring, observing, analysing and recording relevant and comprehensive information for inclusion in your customised Access Key.
  4. An onsite photoshoot will take place by AAA’s Access Key professional photographer. Images captured will support Access Key information and will showcase the centre and its wide breadth of accessibility and inclusivity. Images may include parking, pathways, pools and pool access options, change facilities, splash parks, health clubs and much more!
  5. Access Key compilation phase. Sit back and relax whilst you await your first Access Key draft delivery. Throughout this phase, our team of dedicated graphic designers, assessors, photographer and co-founders will work together to collate a resource that showcases a magnificent community asset in an Access Key.
  6. Access Key review phase. This phase is conducted in collaboration with AAA’s Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist. Our Speech Pathologist will review use of language, procedural information and grammar. AAA’s Occupational Therapist will review sensory elements of experiences, general accessibility of experiences for people with disability as well as provide a host of therapeutic benefits of participation.
  7. Client review phase. Our project packages include opportunity for our AAA Network Members to review and provide feedback on three separate Access Key drafts. Throughout this phase, our team and our clients collectively work together to comprehensively design a resource for optimal outcomes.
  8. Publication and Promotion! With your new customised resource hot off the press, it is now time to communicate with community and share your valuable community asset that is now showcased in a customised Access Key. Your Access Key will now be uploaded to the AAA website. As well as this, your Access Key will be distributed to your organisation in a full colour version along with a large print version which is conveniently prepared for use with assistive technology.
    This is where the magic truly begins as you upload the Access Key to your website and directly distribute to your community.
    Our services don’t stop there! At no additional cost, you will also receive an Access Key implementation video for staff and a promotional kit. This kit includes professional photographs that feature in your Access Key along with some preform social media captions that share the purpose and benefits of your new resource. And because we are super nice, we will also continue to promote your Access Key via our social channels on a regular basis so our dedicated fans can also learn of your wonderful centre and all of the associated benefits of participation.

Visit our website library to download your free Access Key. Click here.

First phase of journey guide with stepped tasks
2nd phase of journey guide with stepped tasks
Final phase of journey guide with stepped tasks