The Scout+ application allows you to browse through the various Access Key Assists and the complete collection of communication symbols.

Access Key Assists are tailored accessibility guides that provide individuals with essential information before visiting a place. They are similar to our Access Keys but more concise in size.

Scout+ also incorporates our renowned sensory guides. However, on Scout+, these sensory guides are interactive, allowing users to preview the visual and auditory aspects before attending.

People living with sensory processing disorder, their parents and/or carers can learn, discuss, hear and see potential triggers in the comfort of their own home. By exposing themselves to the feel, sounds, sights or smells, these potential triggers become less confronting when they are experienced in the community.  People who experience such triggers can also be better prepared – for example bring along a sensory toolkit that may include ear defenders for challenging sounds or sunglasses if there is lot glare or bright lighting.

Access Key Assists are suitable for small and medium-sized businesses and are easily developed online.

The app’s name includes a plus symbol (+), signifying an additional attribute of the app – touch-activated communication access symbols. This collection of symbols assists in minimising potential communication challenges and allows individuals with communication needs, or those who do not speak English, to communicate with venue personnel. At present, the symbols are available in English and Mandarin, and more languages will be added soon.

What does Scout+ do?

Available in the App Store and Google Play, Scout+ will allow users to view and refer back to Access Key Assists in real time.

Through the use of advanced technology, Scout+ provides information that allows users to actively build connection to community and enrich experiences.

Providing improved decision making before you leave the comfort of home or on the go, users will be able to:

  • make informed choices and participate in community
  • feel more confident to participate and contribute to the community
  • increase capacity by achieving social and community goals through knowledge, skill building and confidence
  • feel empowered and confident to engage in social, economic and community life
  • improve understanding and develop communication skills with Scout+ touch-activated communication symbols.

The Scout+ app uses picture-based symbols along with high-quality real voice narration.

Scout+ app home screen

How to use the AAA App

Download the Scout+ on your iPhone or Android mobile device.

Select the option you’re interested in. Our Access Key Assist range is where you can find information about accessing venues along with sensory elements of experience.

View images and helpful access information on the venue you are about to visit to help guide you.

Scout+ app Access Key Assist contents screen page for L'Arte Central Cafe
Scout+ app Access Key Assist indoor dining screen for L'Arte Central Cafe
Scout+ app Access Key Assist quiet time screen for Maple Tree Cafe

Contact Details

Including address and phone number as well as handy links to website, bookings and Google maps.


Discover the whereabouts of available accessible and general parking.


Obtain information regarding the kind of toilets and/or changing rooms provided, their features, and their whereabouts.

Entry and Access

Discover the optimal access approach of the venue you intend to visit.

Scout+ Access Key Assist contact page for Kitchen Bar
Scout+ app accessible parking screen for Kitchen Bar Cafe
Scout+ app screen with informational on amenities at Rise Health Group
Scout+ app Access Key Assist entry and access screen for Rise Health

Sensory Guide

Tap on the sensory guide to hear the sounds, see the sights and learn more about the feel and smells of the environment.

This will help you to identify and prepare for sensory elements of experience before you leave the comfort of your home.

Sensory guides will help you to strategise for your individual challenges and help you to determine what sensory tools may be required for a successful experience.

Scout+ app screen showing the sounds sensory guide at Harvest Cafe

Communication Symbols

In our communication symbols section, users will gain access to a suite of AAA multilingual communication symbols that support confident communication. Symbols are touch activated, speak for you and are available in other languages (currently English and Mandarin with more languages to come soon).

Scout+ app communication symbol screen showing various visual black and white symbols

Scout and Maddy

Scout is our AAA soldier who has been sent out ahead to gather convenient information for your community visits.

Maddy is hearing impaired. She will guide you on navigating the communication symbols that feature on Scout+.

Scout+ screen displaying Scout mascot and text
Scout+ app screenshot of AAA mascot Maddy

We need your feedback!

The key to a successful app is continual improvement!

We will work with you to constantly improve the app, release bug fixes, add new features as well as app updates.

Your feedback is valued and will contribute toward this ongoing improvement.

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