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AccessAbilityAustralia is the unique developer of creating access and inclusion into community for people of all abilities through the use of Access KeysTM, customised Communication Boards and Communication Access and Awareness Training.

Access Keys are customised accessibility guides that provide accurate and convenient information about accessing venues or events at the click of a button. Access Keys include:
Professional photographs
Contextualised supportive text
Communication Boards
Sensory guides providing sensory elements of experiences
A full range of accessibility and safety features

AAA Communication Boards enable communication and comprehension for people who experience communication challenges.  Boards feature contextualised symbols that reflect your business and act as a gateway into your products and services for visitors that may experience communication challenges.

AAA Communication Access and Awareness Training breaks down barriers and upskills staff to provide responsive customer service delivery of effective and efficient communication.

We encourage organisations to demonstrate responsive, innovative and energetic attitudes in developing accessible and inclusive venues and experiences that align with the National Disability Insurance of Australia’s priorities to foster independence, increase community participation and welcome people of all abilities.

Through our work we intend to drive more inclusive practices and improve community attitudes towards disability so people with disability can be included in everyday life. AccessAbilityAustralia invite organisations to showcase their offerings and provide improved visitor information through the use of Access Keys. Improving access to visitor information benefits not only people with disability but also the wider community. The provision of convenient and accurate improved information enables informed decisions to be made about the suitability of venues and events and allows opportunity for adequate preplanning to ensure smooth and enjoyable experiences.

We are not an NDIS Provider…Access Keys and Communication Boards are FREE OF CHARGE for all Access Key participants!

We invite you to tune into our podcast interview with Vision Australia’s Radio presenter Jason where we talk alll things great about Access Keys and they help to make events and spaces more accessible to people living with a disability. Click here.

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