The Co-Founders

Access Ability Australia is an intervention idea founded on the experience of the two Co-Founders, Maxine Parker and Judy O’Connor.

With over 30 years of combined experience working within disability, education and community with adults and children, both Maxine and Judy have a wealth of professional and lived experience of disability. Maxine has a hearing impairment and Judy is the parent of a child with a disability.

AAA Co-Founders Maxine Parker and Judy O'Connor standing in front of AAA office building

Meet the AAA Family

Meet the AAA Family. Milo lives with an invisible disability. Now, thanks to Access Keys, Milo and his family can visit many new places. Access Keys give the whole family a gift of confidence and the peace of mind in knowing which venues suit their needs.

Access Keys allow Mum and Dad to prepare ahead of time for Milo’s individual challenges. Milo feels less anxious about visiting new places because Access Keys help him to understand what to expect before he arrives. Being prepared means the whole family can enjoy a successful day out.
Access Keys…..unlocking your world.

Our Shared Vision

We are the proud founders of a better way…. a way to decrease barriers and to increase enablers. Together with our AAA Network members, we have created a platform that supports an innovative social inclusion movement that best supports the broader community, regardless of ability, now and into the future.

Access Ability Australia truly value seeing the positive difference our products and services deliver. Word of mouth advocacy in-explicitly builds and extends upon our first-rate reputation.

Customers and users of Access Keys recognise our Access Keys and AAA brand and associate it with the high quality and standards that we have worked hard to develop and pride ourselves on.

It is our belief that through the provision of Access Ability Australia’s Access Keys, our shared vision of authentic inclusion can become a reality now and into the future.