About Us

The Directors & Co-Founders

AccessAbilityAustralia is an intervention idea founded on the experience of the two company directors, Maxine Parker and Judy O’Connor.

We have over 30 years of combined professional and personal experience working within disability, education and working within the community with both adults and children.  Maxine has a hearing impairment.  Judy is the parent of a child with a disability.

We are:

  • Innovators and Developers of Access Keys

  • Qualified Educational Professionals

  • Trained Speech Therapy Assistants

  • Qualified Applied Behavioural Analysis Therapists

  • Qualified Trainer & Assessor

  • Community Access Support Worker

  • Published editorial authors within teacher journals

  • 2015 Victorian Education Excellence Award Finalists (category; students with disabilities)

  • Desktop Publisher

Our Shared Vision

We are the proud founders of a better way…. a way to decrease inhibitors, to increase enablers and to develop a community quality management system that best supports people of all abilities now and into the future.

AccessAbilityAustralia truly value seeing the positive difference our products and services bring to the lives of people of all abilities and their families. Word of mouth advocacy in-explicitly builds and extends upon our first-rate reputation within the disability and community sector.

It is our belief that through the provision of AccessAbilityAustralia’s Access Keys, our shared vision of ‘authentic inclusion‘ can become a reality for people of all abilities and their families.