The Co-Founders

Maxine Parker and Judy O’Connor drew from their personal experiences to establish Access Ability Australia as an intervention concept.

Maxine and Judy possess extensive professional and personal knowledge of disabilities, education, and community work with individuals of all ages, totaling over three decades. Maxine has a hearing impairment, while Judy has a child with a disability.

AAA Co-Founders Maxine Parker and Judy O'Connor standing in front of AAA office building

Meet our AAA Mascots

Hi there, It’s me, Milo! You’ll see me getting around town wearing my AAA cap.

I’d like you to meet my family and friends.

Despite our individual differences, we are determined to pursue our goals and follow our dreams. While some of my friends were born with disabilities, others developed them later in life. However, our disabilities do not define us; we share the same aspirations as everyone else, which are to lead joyful and fulfilling lives.

Grandma says, now thanks to Access Ability Australia, we can explore numerous new destinations. Access Ability Australia’s resources give us all a gift of confidence and a sense of security in identifying venues and events that cater to our requirements. We truly appreciate the resources that allow us to prepare for our visits in advance. By understanding what to expect before we arrive, we are less anxious about visiting new places.Our ability to prepare in advance allows us to enjoy a pleasant and successful day out, including our friends and family.

We are embarking on several new adventures thanks to Access Ability Australia and we can’t wait for you to join us.

Our Shared Vision

Our team takes great pride in being the creators of an improved approach that reduces barriers and enhances opportunities. Collaborating with our AAA Network members, we have established a platform that promotes a groundbreaking social inclusion initiative that benefits the wider community, regardless of their abilities, presently and in the future.

Access Ability Australia truly value seeing the positive difference our products and services deliver. Word of mouth advocacy in-explicitly builds and extends upon our first-rate reputation.

Customers and users of Access Keys recognise our Access Keys and AAA brand and associate it with the high quality and standards that we have worked hard to develop and pride ourselves on.

It is our belief that through the provision of our resources, we can transform our aspiration for genuine inclusion into a tangible reality.