Why an Access Key?

Access Ability Australia are very proud to introduce your organisation to Access Keys.

Access Keys are universally designed for a wide audience, regardless of ability. Access Keys are guides that provide convenient access information for your visitors. As well as this, a customised Access Key allows your business to become leaders in the diversity market whilst generating and extending significant long-term value to all visitors, including visitors with disability.

Access Keys support your visitors to understand what to expect from your offerings before attending, help to determine the suitability of your venue, event or program, help to interpret circumstances whilst in attendance and are a great tool for fostering independence.

Access Keys provide information for your visitors to best prepare ahead of time to ensure their experiences include a better level of engagement with increased confidence, calmer participation, enjoyment and connectivity.

Access Keys ensure high levels of quality information that provide predictability, structure, orientation and sensory information. They are also a distinctive communication and reflective tool; providing a pivotal link between experience and recall.

Access Keys can be customised for a variety of experiences, events, facilities and programs. Our Access Key defining criteria and careful writing procedures ensure a naturalistic approach that support authentic inclusion and help to share a warm message from your organisation to the wider community that your priorities are responsive, innovative and energetic in developing a culture that embraces a diverse patronage, regardless of ability.

Access Keys are a professionally prepared resource developed using a proprietary procedure in conjunction with carefully selected qualified healthcare professionals. This ensures high levels of quality and accurate information. Customers and users of Access Keys have come to recognise our Access Key brand and associate it with the high quality and standards that we have worked hard to develop and pride ourselves on. Access Ability Australia will not endorse any attempt to develop, copy or imitate Access Keys outside of this proprietary procedure and will accept no responsibility for Access Keys not developed by Access Ability Australia.

When you partner with Access Ability Australia, not only will your Access Key be available for your organisation to directly distribute but you will also have opportunity for increased exposure to a target audience with your product also housed on the website of Access Ability Australia.

In addition to this, you will receive exclusive access to our online Member Hub that showcases social media content and captions for all AAA products and services, video tutorials designed to optimizs the advantages of your investment while enhancing disability awareness among your personnel. Furthermore, you will gain access to inspiring instances of tools being utilised in natural settings and gain insights from esteemed guest speakers who offer valuable perspectives on the significance of enhanced accessibility information.

And the gifts don’t stop there. You will also receive signage for display and window stickers along with the complete suite of professional images that feature in your Access Key.

Access Keys are available in full colour, including professional photographs as well as video format and can also be translated into other languages.

Every Access Key is fully customised so give us a call today to receive your 100% free, no obligation quote.

Give the gift of confidence to your visitors today with a customised Access Key.


Access Ability Australia are thrilled to be award recipients.

Together with our dedicated team, we have worked incredibly hard to achieve successful community access outcomes for people of all abilities through the development of Access Keys.

This award recognises not only the work we do but the critical need for improved visitor information for people to attend venues and events with the confidence in knowing spaces and experiences suit their individual needs.

Monash Business Award 2021 – Health and Science Category

Victorian Disability Sport & Recreation Award 2020 – Initiative of the Year

2020 Victorian Disability Sport and Recreation ward Winner graphic