Frequently asked questions

Answer – Access Keys interact with the websites of our AAA Network members and include active links to relevant pages/programs.

Answer – All Access Key updates are made by AAA. Each site will hold a licence to distribute the Access Key and will notify our office of updates in accordance with contractual arrangements. Pricing for this will range from being complimentary to pricing on application, depending upon the scope of work.

Answer – Unfortunately, we cannot provide a baseline costing to develop an Access Key as each Access Key is fully customised. We are always very happy to provide customised quotes once we understand the scope of work.

Answer – Access Ability Australia work closely with our clients developing collaborative and professional working relationships in order to individually structure and accurately customise and develop Access Keys. Our team will guide you with every step and flexibly work with you to determine requirements to meet your needs.
Access Key development is a six-step process comprising of:

I. Formalities
II. Graphic Design Requirements
III. Assessment
IV. Access Key development
V. Review
VI. Publication

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