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Our philosophy is simple – successful inclusion is gained by authentic attitudes.

Access Ability Australia design and develop customised Access Keys, Access Key Assists that feature on our Scout+ app, Communication Boards, Word Lane Communication Access Signs and Social Stories as well as deliver Communication Access and Awareness Training. These tools are for organisations to provide authentic inclusion and increased access for all people, regardless of ability. Making changes to the way you inspire and inform visitors can provide your organisation with increased social and economic benefit. Our products and services help increase more confident, calm participation, enjoyment and connectivity as well as providing customer service staff with increased awareness and confidence to best service all visitors with access needs.

  • Over 4 million people in Australia have some form of disability [1]
  • Vision Australia estimates there are currently 357,000 people in Australia who are blind or have low vision [2]
  • An estimate of annual expenditure by tourists with a disability (both overnight and day) based on NVS data would be around $3.2 billion annually [3]
  • 45% of the population will experience a mental health condition during their lifetime [1]
  • 3 million Australians live with depression or anxiety [4]

Many of these people face significant challenges when it comes to simply taking part in everyday activities.

Policies and legislation demonstrate the need to reduce barriers to community participation. We see the inclusion of ramps, rails, accessible restrooms, accessible paths of travel, wheelchair passing spaces in corridors, signage etc. but with 90% of disabilities being invisible, ask yourself, have you provided adequate support to reduce invisible barriers for participation?

Being immersed within the disability sector has afforded Access Ability Australia opportunities to form alliances with other organisations and associations within the same industry. When you partner with Access Ability Australia, you have access to a team with over 80 years industry experience.

With Access Ability Australia’s products and services, you have peace of mind knowing that you are responding to changing markets and providing a more accessible, inclusive and flexible approach to supporting your visitors.

We are committed to providing a first-class service. We liaise with key stakeholders to ensure our  products include all relevant and required information to inspire and inform visitors.

To complement inclusive practices and to provide organisations with a flexible approach to customer service, we encourage you to look our range of resources and to consider these innovative tools as gifts of confidence for your visitors. The market for your industry is much broader than just diagnosed disability statistics – a very wide audience can benefit from improved information.

What our network members and participants have said so far :

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

Rufino Ramos,
Head Visitor Experience, Access & Tourism
Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

“We wanted a resource to support visitors with access needs and their carers as well as NDIS providers. Judy and Maxine from AAA were professional and personable to deal with and great ambassadors for Access.”

Casey Stadium

Chris Pallot
Centre Director,
Casey Stadium

“I’d like to extend my thanks for the work in developing the Access Key for Casey Stadium, we have already received very positive feedback. The Access Key is going to be a fantastic tool for the centre in breaking down access barriers for customers and clients. It will also assist the facility in creating and securing more program participants and events in the future.”

Northern Support Services

Disability Service Provider
Northern Support Services

“I think what you are doing is great. The Keys are easy to follow. I like how you contrast the different uniforms of staff – I get confused at the local pool over staffing uniforms sometimes. I particularly like the sights, sounds, smells for each section. I think this is something we overlook sometimes as Support Workers – the effect of environmental factors on our clients. It is great to be able to read the Keys and prepare our clients for these. Looking forward to the Artvo Key coming out. I will definitely organise for a group or groups to attend.”

Vision Carols

Carols by Candlelight
Vision Australia

“We’re so grateful to the amazing support of Access Ability Australia for our 2017 event! Thanks to the incredible standard of information in our Access Key, Carols by Candlelight was one of the most accessible live events across Australia – not just for our audience of people who are blind or have low vision, but for all the people who enjoyed our event in person or participated online. Thank you so much, Access Ability Australia, for working with us to bring the event to as many people as possible! We can’t wait to keep building a high standard for live events, with participation for the whole community at the centre!”


Jane Henderson
Principal Speech Pathologist

“Access Ability Australia have a person-centred approach to supporting people with disabilities access all areas of the community. Their professional, personable approach has made the development of our Access Key a really positive experience. Our clients have benefited from understanding what to expect when they visit our clinic and it helps to prepare the children for their first assessment session. Thank you to Maxine and Judy for developing such an innovative, positive tool that can be used by many.”

Myuna Farm

Steve Hill
Myuna Farm

“The Access Keys are a unique support tool for a wide range of people in our community that face difficult challenges when it comes to visiting some popular and exciting locations and services in the area. The Access Keys are clear, up to date and accurate for people of all ages and their support carers. We know many people who would benefit from using this terrific new initiative, please spread the word about Access Keys for Access Abilities !!!”

Churchhill Island

Disability Service Provider
Northern Support Services

“The Churchill Island Access Key content and the addition of a Communication board is awesome! Really like the ‘heads up’ about limited room in the gift shop. The sensory guides are well thought out and cover all possibilities. The accessibility and safety pages at end of each Access Key are fantastic.  Things like the different ground surfaces (especially in these ‘rural’ attractions) is very important. Shell grit is a major obstacle for wheelchairs and walkers.  The sensory guide information included in the Access Key is great. This information is fantastic to help prepare attendees.”

[1] Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2016, 4430.0 – Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers 2015,

[2] Vision Australia estimate is based on ABS population data and ABS Survey of Disability Ageing and Carers.

[3] Tourism Research Australia Summary 2018 – Destination Visitor Survey

[4] Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), 4326.0 – National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing: Summary of Results 2007