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AccessAbilityAustralia are very proud to bring you Access KeysTM.  Access Keys are versatile to suit all people of all abilities.

What is an Access Key?

Access Keys are customised accessibility guides that provide convenient and accurate information about venues or events. They include but are not limited to venue layout, parking, access in and around including ease of movement, customer service/ticketing, toilets including environmental specifications, accessible offerings, procedural and sequential information on accessing services, sensory elements plus much more! They feature professional photographs and supportive text contextualised with experiences.

Access Keys’ highly sequenced design process provide prediction, structure, orientation and sensory integration for people visiting new venues or events. Access Keys help understand what to expect from a specific experience before attending, help to determine the suitability of a venue or event, help to interpret circumstances whilst in attendance and are a great tool for fostering independence.

An Access Key is an accessibility guide presented in a Portable Document Format (pdf).  Access Keys are downloadable free of charge from our website library page as well as from the website of the clients we work closely with.  Access Keys can be printed.  They are mobile responsive and can be downloaded and accessed on any mobile device, via our website.

Access Keys also prove to be an invaluable reflective tool for people who experience cognitive impairment and difficulties recalling recent events.  Cognitive impairment may impact short or long-term memory retention.  Memory loss may include difficulty learning new information and not being able to remember past events or information that was once familiar.  This may lead to confusion, disorientation or recall of memories. Our Access Keys not only provide predictability, structure and orientation for people who experience cognitive impairment but also act as a distinctive reflective communication tool; providing a pivotal link between experience and recall.

What do our Access Keys involve?

AccessAbilityAustralia write Access Keys in a clear, concise and meaningful tone that help people process new concepts. We support Access Key participants to engage with experiences calmly, enjoyably and successfully.

Our Access Key defining criteria and careful writing procedures ensure a naturalistic approach that support ‘authentic inclusion’.  Access Keys do not ‘coach’; coaching places additional pressure on individuals and may set them up for failure. Access Keys are developed using a proprietary procedure in conjunction with carefully select qualified healthcare professionals. This ensures high levels of quality and accurate information. Customers and users of Access Keys have come to recognise our Access KeyTM brand and associate it with the high quality and standards that we have worked hard to develop and pride ourselves on. AccessAbilityAustralia will not endorse any attempt to develop, copy or imitate Access Keys outside of this proprietary procedure and will accept no responsibility for Access Keys not developed by AccessAbilityAustralia.

For people who are blind or live with low vison, every Access Key developed is also available in large print format for free download from our library page.  In collaboration with Vision Australia, Access Keys are also available in Braille or audio.  Please contact AccessAbilityAustralia for further information.

For optimum outcomes and positive experiences, we recommend obtaining Access Keys at least two weeks prior to community experience taking place. Full implementation guidelines are provided with every Access Key.

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How do our Access Keys link with community experiences?

AccessAbilityAustralia work closely with our clients developing collaborative and professional working relationships in order to individually structure and accurately customise and develop Access Keys.

Inclusion equates to being proactive in identifying barriers and then removing or minimising them.  Around one in five Australians has a disability with 90% of those diagnosed disabilities being INVISIBLE disability!  Many of these people face significant challenges when it comes to simply taking part in everyday activities.

Access Keys help increase more confident, calm participation, enjoyment and connectivity as well as providing customer service staff with increased awareness and confidence to best service all visitors with access needs.

Access for all people of all abilities is a pillar of a democratic and mature society so why not join our social inclusion movement to reduce these barriers and help pave the way with an Access Key?

Who may benefit from our Access Keys?

Below is an example of a recommended audience (but not limited to) that may benefit from the use of AccessAbilityAustralia’s Access Keys;

  • Individuals with autism spectrum disorder

  • Individuals with intellectual disabilities

  • Individuals with severe language disorders

  • Individuals with acquired brain injuries

  • Individuals with sensory impairment

  • Individuals with Sensory Processing Disorder

  • Individuals with dementia

  • Individuals who are Deaf or hard of hearing

  • Individuals with temporary disability

  • Parents with prams

  • Individuals with Alzheimer’s

  • Individuals with attention deficit hyper disorder (ADHD)

  • Individuals with Down syndrome

  • Individuals with mental illness (anxiety, depression)

  • Individuals recovering from stroke

  • Individuals with cognitive impairment

  • Individuals with cognitive impairment

  • Individuals with vision impairment

  • Individuals from the ageing population

  • Overseas visitors

Our Commitment

We are always committed to providing a first-class service.  Our processes are compliant with a quality management system, guaranteeing consistent, valid and exceptional quality products and services.

Access Key content is designed by a qualified, registered Occupational Therapist.  Richie Parker, of RCP Consultancy Services, has a vast array of knowledge having worked and studied across a variety of fields including pain management, physical rehabilitation, mental health, disability in sport and recreation and disability in the workplace.

For more information on Richie’s services please contact 0406 501 901.

Every Access Key is also fully endorsed by a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist.

Jane Henderson is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist with over twenty years’ experience working with children and adolescents with disabilities. At the VersaLearn clinics, Jane and her speech pathologist colleagues work with children and families to achieve the best possible communication outcomes. For further information VersaLearn and their services, please visit the VersaLearn website.

AccessAbilityAustralia are very proud to partner with Vision Australia.

Vision Australia is a leading national provider of blindness and low vision services in Australia. They work in partnership with Australians who are blind or have low vision to help them achieve the possibilities they choose in life.

AccessAbilityAustralia have partnered with Vision Australia to bring you Access Keys in alternate formats.  These formats include large print format, audio and Braille.

Large print format Access Keys will be available for free download from the website of AccessAbilityAustralia.  This will enable independent use of the Access Key for participants whose preferred format is large print.

For Access Keys in audio format or Braille, please contact AccessAbilityAustralia.

AccessAbilityAustralia are also very proud to be collaborating with Access Central.

Access Central is a disability access and universal design consultancy working with Australian clients locally and globally.  Disability Access Consultant, Lee Wilson, is one of only three voluntary Subject Matter Experts in Disability Access appointed by the Australian Building Codes Board.

Lee will be working with AccessAbilityAustralia on various projects and will be available for our clients to help develop best practice access solutions.

To learn more about Access Central’s services, visit the Access Central website.

AccessAbilityAustralia work closely with disability service provider Northern Support Services to ensure continuous improvement in Access Keys.

NSS first opened over 70 years ago as Northcote Preston Helping Hand Association.  NSS offer a diverse range of services that are designed to provide clients with life skills and opportunities; increase abilities and allow clients to actively take part in communities.  NSS work with clients to help them achieve their goals and make choices that are right.  For further information on NSS and their services offered please visit NSS website.

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