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Bendigo Library

251-259 Hargreaves Street, Bendigo

03 5449 2700

Bendigo Library is part of the Goldfields Library Corporation and is located in the heart of Bendigo. The library is a welcoming space for everyone to enjoy with an extensive collection of material to suit ages, skills, abilities and interests.

Bendigo Library offer a range of services including a large borrowing collection of fiction, non-fiction, children’s and young adult books, magazines, audio, CDs, and DVDs and the latest multi-media and audio-visual equipment.

The Access Key available for Bendigo Library is for a general visit or a group visit.

The Access Key is offered in full colour including contextualised photographs as well as being offered in a large print text only format.  Access Ability Australia have partnered with Vision Australia to bring you Access Keys in alternate formats.  The text only Access Key has been formatted for people with low vision or who are blind and use assistive technology to access documentation. For Access Keys in audio or Braille, please contact Access Ability Australia.

The Social Story for Bendigo Library is for a general library visit.

This Social Story describes social situations and aims to help prepare individuals for social interaction by providing clear information about specific situations, outlining why they happen and what a typical response might be.

It is suited for an individual who may live with autism spectrum disorder, a specific language disorders, social communication difficulties or cognitive delays and disability. It is also aimed to support educators, carers and parents.

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