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Full Colour Access Key, Text Only Access Key and Social Story
Communication Board

Bendigo Library

251-259 Hargreaves Street, Bendigo

03 5449 2700

Bendigo Library, situated in the heart of Bendigo and a part of the Goldfields Library Corporation, provides an inclusive and welcoming environment for all. Its extensive collection caters to a diverse range of ages, skills, abilities, and interests. Services include borrowing from a vast selection of fiction, non-fiction, children’s and young adult books, as well as magazines, audio, CDs, DVDs, and the latest multimedia and audio-visual equipment.

The Access Key provides comprehensive information on accessing the library in both full-colour with photographs and large-print text-only versions.

A Social Story is available for a general visit, while a communication board aids individuals with communication barriers or non-English speakers.

Click the blue buttons for your free downloads. You can also download your free Text Only Access Key here.