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Gippsland Performing Arts Centre Access Key for Performers

32 Kay St, Traralgon VIC 3844

Phone: (03) 5176 3333

Gippsland Performing Arts Centre has an expansive backstage area for performers that offers dressing rooms, a green room and accessible amenities.

The centre has a 750-seat auditorium, indoor and outdoor spaces for workshops, events and an onsite café. The theatre arts offer the very best in theatre, comedy, music and dance.

This Access Key for Gippsland Performing Arts Centre is for performers accessing back of house.

The Access Key is offered in full colour including contextualised photographs as well as being offered in a large print text only format.  Access Ability Australia have partnered with Vision Australia to bring you Access Keys in alternate formats.  The text only Access Key has been formatted for people with low vision or who are blind and use assistive technology to access documentation. For Access Keys in audio or Braille, please contact Access Ability Australia.

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