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Full Colour Access Key, Text Only Access Key and Social Story
Communication Board

Kangaroo Flat Library

23 Lockwood Road, Kangaroo Flat

03 5447 8344

Kangaroo Flat Library is part of the Goldfields Library Corporation and is a welcoming space designed for all to enjoy, with a wide array of materials catering to various ages, skills, abilities, and interests. Its services include a borrowing collection spanning fiction, non-fiction, children, and young adult books, along with dedicated areas for children, cozy reading nooks, a lounge area complete with tea and coffee amenities, communal group spaces, an outdoor courtyard, and an impressive aquarium.

The Access Key provides comprehensive information on accessing the library in both full-colour with photographs and large-print text-only versions.

A Social Story is available for a Storytime visit, while a communication board aids individuals with communication barriers or non-English speakers.

Click the blue buttons for your free downloads. You can also download your free Text Only Access Key here.