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The Basin Community House Access Key

21 Liverpool Rd, The Basin VIC 3154

(03) 9761 0209

The Basin Community House is the heart of the Knox community.  More recently referred to as a Learn Local organisation, the House offers a range of programs including adult education, recreational courses and support groups in a place where people can come together to offer each other friendship, encouragement and support.

The Access Key available for The Basin Community House is for a general visit or a group visit.

The Access Key is offered in full colour including contextualised photographs as well as being offered in a large print text only format.  AccessAbilityAustralia have partnered with Vision Australia to bring you Access Keys in alternate formats.  The text only Access Key has been formatted for people with low vision or who are blind and use assistive technology to access documentation. For Access Keys in audio or Braille, please contact AccessAbilityAustralia.

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