At Access Ability Australia, we are always striving to make our products and services accessible for all people. Every Access Key developed is available in a full colour portable document format along with full colour professional photographs as well as an accessible Word document which is suitable for use with assistive technology.

We are very proud to collaborate with organisations that add value to the work we do and that share our priorities in helping to make community more accessible and inclusive.

Vision Australia provide a free service to their clients that enable clients to convert information to individually preferred accessible format. As a Vision Australia client, you can request up to 360 print pages to be converted to your preferred accessible format such as Braille, audio, large print, tactual graphics or e-text, per financial year.

This includes Vision Australia clients who are blind or have low vision, and clients who are unable to read print due to a physical or learning disability.

Some examples of eligible materials include Access Keys, AAA social stories, personal letters, appliance instructions, legal documents, recipes, music, knitting patterns, diagrams, maps, books, magazines and newspapers.

Material eligible for format conversion under this service is limited to print materials for Vision Australia’s client personal use. It is a free service that is funded by the Federal Government’s Print Disability Grant.

For more information on FREE accessible format conversions, email: or call 1300 84 74 66.

Person's fingers reading Braille
Young boy and adult male sitting on the floor reading a book in Braille