We are proud to announce a new partnership with Disability Sport & Recreation, who ensures Victorians with disability have equal opportunities to meaningfully engage in the sport and active recreation of their choice.

Disability Sport & Recreation’s commitment to ensuring everything they do is to help Victorians with disability live happier, more active lives closely aligns with our goal to drive inclusive practices and improve community attitudes and commitments to the Social Model of Disability.

Disability Sport & Recreation focus on understanding the many needs and goals of people with disability so they can then support and work with sport and active recreation organisations and providers, as well as the broader community, to increase choice, access and participation.

We look forward to our shared vision and common goals strengthening opportunity for collaborative services and solutions that will help recreational providers become more successful.

Access Ability Australia share our vision of better choice, access and participation for people with disability, evidenced by the brilliant accessibility and communication work they are doing to make sure sport and recreation facilities and venues are welcoming to all Victorians,’ said Disability Sport & Recreation CEO, Richard Amon.

The synergy between our organisations will benefit both Victorian sport and recreation providers and people with disability, as we work together to support the work and training opportunities offered by our respective organisations.”

“Working together will provide Access Ability Australia and Disability Sport & Recreation designed opportunity to constructively explore their ideas to support recreational providers in ensuring people with disability are primary beneficiaries of services”, said Access Ability Australia’s cofounder, Judy O’Connor.  

“Sharing the common goal of everything we do is to help Victorians with disability live happier, more active lives is the first and foremost step in the right direction of a successful partnership between Access Ability Australia and Disability Sport & Recreation,” said Access Ability Australia’s cofounder, Maxine Parker.

For more information on DSR and services, visit their website.

Hand cyclist with disability competing on an athletics track
Young girl in wheelchair on indoor basketball stadium holding a basketball