Demonstrating Exemplary Communication Access

Here at Access Ability Australia, we love sharing stories and content that highlight commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Join us in celebrating the City of Ballarat’s best practice communication access as they launch AAA visual communication boards at the following four well-known venues:

1            Ballarat Information Centre

2            Ballarat Begonia Festival

3            Ballarat Libraries

4            Parent Place and Supported Playgroups.

We asked Bernadette Duffy, Ballarat’s Community Inclusion Officer, why she felt it was important to demonstrate communication access across these four venues and work with Access Ability Australia to develop communication boards.

Bernadette explained that “these boards ensure people with different communication needs have equal access to information, services, and opportunities”.

According to Bernadette “boards provide communication methods and tools that are effective, clear, and accessible for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing, have speech difficulties, low literacy, language or other communication barriers”.

Bernadette went on to explain that providing communication access assists with creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Community inclusion is really important to the City of Ballarat, and communication access helps to support community participation and engagement.

AAA Communication Boards and Word Lane Communication Access Signs

AAA Communication Boards and Word Lane Communication Access Signs enable communication and comprehension for people who experience communication challenges. Challenges may arise as a result of a variety of causes.  These causes may include autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, down syndrome as well as some neurological conditions such stroke, an acquired brain injury (ABI), Parkinson’s disease or people who do not speak English.

AAA Communication Boards, featuring contextualised symbols that reflect your business, facilitate initial conversation, and allow your visitors to express their needs, interact with others, build and maintain relationships with your staff. This helps your visitors to be active and involved in making choices for the products and services you offer.

AAA Communication Boards are suitable for spaces such as libraries, hotels, tourist attractions, cafes, health clubs, art and cultural centres and more.

Word Lane Communication Access Signs facilitate inclusive opportunities for users within natural settings and provide the opportunity for individuals with complex communication needs to use an easily understood tool to interact with communication partners and peers.

Word Lane Communication Access Signs are suitable for spaces such as all ability play spaces, school playgrounds, sporting grounds, recreational centres, community centres, shopping centres and more.

Communication resources can be customised so the vocabulary and content complement your products and services that you offer.

Can our services help your organisation?

A significant number of people with communication challenges find accessing the community difficult. If you are an organisation providing a service to the general public, then we would love to talk to you about your communication access requirements. Our tools can help you to demonstrate how you value and respect all of your customers and build trust and loyalty.

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