Empowering Accessibility: Casey Stadium’s Access and Inclusion Journey with Access Ability Australia


In pursuit of fostering an inclusive community, Casey Stadium and their YMCA Victoria team joined hands with Access Ability Australia (AAA) to host a Disability Awareness Workshop. The aim was to upskill all new staff and celebrate the collaborative projects accomplished thus far, while setting a course for even greater achievements in enhancing access and inclusion. This blog takes you through the highlights of this enlightening event that stands as a testament to the power of partnership and collective commitment towards creating a more accessible world.

Laying the Foundation:

The workshop kicked off with a welcome by the management teams from both Casey Stadium and AAA. They emphasised their shared vision of breaking down barriers for people with disabilities and creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and empowered.

Celebrating Past Collaborations:

The workshop took a moment to celebrate the successful projects that had already been accomplished through the collaboration between Casey Stadium and AAA. From showcasing many accessible inclusions at the stadium in their customised Access Key, including wheelchair access and the large availability of accessible toilet and change facilities, to showcasing inclusive sporting events in the AAA Social Story for the stadium, both organisations were proud to share the positive impact they had already made on the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Understanding Diverse Disabilities:

The core focus of the workshop was to familiarise newly onboarded staff with the tailored resources crafted by AAA for the centre, offering enhanced access information for all visitors. Additionally, the workshop aimed to equip staff with a profound understanding of the wide spectrum of disabilities. AAA’s speaker, along with AAA’s disability advisory committee member, sensitively shed light on various conditions, their challenges and the importance of adopting inclusive practices that cater to specific needs.

Accessibility in the Built Environment:

During the workshop, AAA seized the chance to emphasise the importance of accessibility in the physical environment. They showcased the Casey Stadium Access Key, which proudly presented a plethora of inclusive features already available at the centre. This Access Key serves as a testament to the stadium’s commitment to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for individuals of all abilities.

Building Inclusive Communication:

Effective communication is the backbone of any inclusive organisation. AAA’s workshop facilitator conducted an engaging exercise that encouraged the participants to adapt their communication styles to better accommodate individuals with speech, hearing or cognitive impairments. This approach further emphasised the significance of patience, empathy and understanding in fostering an inclusive environment.

Action Plans for the Future:

The workshop concluded with a collaborative session where all staff, new and existing, brainstormed and formulated plans to continue improving access and inclusion at Casey Stadium. Participants were encouraged to think beyond the workshop and integrate disability awareness into their daily interactions, operations and future projects.


The Disability Awareness Workshop, conducted by AAA in partnership with Casey Stadium, was a resounding success in raising awareness, imparting knowledge and instilling a deep commitment to accessibility and inclusion. The event showcased the strength of collaboration between the two organisations and highlighted the importance of empathy, understanding and proactive measures in creating a world where every individual feels valued and included. As Casey Stadium continues its journey towards fostering an accessible and inclusive community, it serves as an inspiration for other organisations to follow suit and make the world a better place for everyone, regardless of ability.

Casey Stadium’s suite of resources, developed by Access Ability Australia, can be downloaded from our website.

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