First-Then schedules help children manage tasks with multiple steps. They can also be used to help children understand that completion of tasks leads to a reward.

These schedules are very easy to make and can be done with writing, pictures or photographs.

To create your own First-Then schedules, you will need to determine if you are using the schedule to break down a task with multiple steps or for behaviour support.

If using to break down multi-step tasks, display the activity in the ‘first’ section that the child is to work on first.

Display the following activity in the ‘then’ section.

You may like to encourage your child to work up to more challenging tasks by including an additional ‘next’ step with the order first, next, then.

If you are choosing to use the schedule for motivation and behaviour management, display the activity you would like your child to do in the ‘first’ and a thing you know they would like to do in the ‘then’.

This will act as a possible reinforcer to motivate them to complete the ‘first’ activity so they can reach their preferred activity in the ‘then’.

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Coloured First-Then and coloured First-Next-Then Schedule Boards for student learning