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Taylors Hill Youth and Community Centre

121 Calder Park Drive, Taylors Hill

Phone: 9747 5422

Access Key under construction

This facility features a multi-purpose recreational space with ovals for cricket, football and soccer, and includes sports lighting, an access for all abilities playground, change rooms and landscaping.

It provides space for self-development groups, young men’s and women’s programs, life skills programs, assertiveness courses and a base for larger scale events.

The facility hosts a range of community programs and provides a base for a Neighbourhood House program.

The Access Key available for Taylors Hill Youth and Community Centre will be for a general visit or a group visit.

To showcase the wide range of accessibility features and to provide visitors with a level of understanding, prediction, structure, orientation and sensory integration information, the Access Key for Taylors Hill Youth and Community Centre will be provided for free download.

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