Remote Learning for Children who are Blind or have Low Vision

Children who are blind or have low vision should not be disadvantaged due to COVID-19 school closures.

Vision Australia have compiled a range of resources to support classroom and specialist teachers supporting students who are blind or have low vision as well as families supporting children who are blind or have low vision.

The presenter, Melissa Fanshawe, is a parent of a child with severe vision impairment as well as an educator and researcher.

For teachers, these videos will give some great insight into the online experience for students and help you to consider the type of content you are sharing as well as how to make it more accessible. Best practices for establishing regular communication are also shared to ensure students are able to access all the information they need to have equal opportunity for learning.

For parents, share with Melissa on the benefits of increasing your child’s independence to access online information and how to use this time to adapt a positive mindset to create an opportunity to prepare children for lifelong learning.

Click here to view these resourceful videos.

And don’t forget once lockdown restrictions ease, head over to our website library page to check out our text only, large print Access Keys which are formatted for use with assistive technology. Access Keys can also be supplied in audio or Braille. Contact us here for further information.

Male parent and child sitting side by side on the floor hand over hand reading in Braille