Would you like to plan your next visit before taking the plunge? Then we invite you to take an inspiring virtual visit with the help of the updated Access Key for Knox Leisureworks.

It gives me great pleasure to share with you three inclusive must-have experiences that showcase Knox Leisureworks as an industry leader in access and inclusion:

  • Three fully accessible pools
  • Wide choice of accessible bathrooms and change facilities along with the hire of mobility equipment
  • Access and Inclusion Swimming Lessons

Three Fully Accessible Pools

Knox Leisureworks hosts three fully accessible pools in their expansive pool hall.

50-metre Lap and Recreation Pool
Located in the centre of the pool hall and maintained at a standard 28-degree celsius, the 50-metre lap and recreation pool glistens under the sunlight of the nearby floor to ceiling windows.

This pool has three access options:

  1. An access ramp with handrails
  2. A pool hoist that can transfer swimmers into a water wheelchair for ease of access into the pool
  3. Steps with handrails

Water wheelchairs are conveniently available on pool deck upon request to assist with access. Helpful staff are available to assist.

Warm Water Pool
Maintained at a comfortable 34 degrees celsius, the warm water pool is an ideal way to kick start a cold winters day, recover, relax or simply get the body moving.

This pool has three access options:

  1. An access ramp with handrails
  2. A pool hoist that can transfer swimmers from a water wheelchair into the pool. Helpful staff are available to assist.
  3. Steps with handrails

Indoor Toddler Pool
The cute and friendly indoor toddler pool has a variety of water features that sprinkle rain and spray water. Ideal for parents and little ones with a maximum depth of 1 metre and a pleasant temperature of approximately 32 degrees celsius.

A gradual beach entry allows for a comfortable entry at your own pace. Stepped access with a handrail is also an option.

Accessible Unisex Bathrooms and Change Facilities with Mobility Equipment Hire

Conveniently located on a continuous path of travel from entry through to the pool hall, a range of family friendly and unisex bathroom and change facility options are available.

These include:

  • A fully accessible toilet with adult change facility including a hoist and adult change table to support adults with access challenges and who may need assistance with changing and accessing a swimming pool. This facility is conveniently located on the pool deck to support ease of access. A key is required to access this facility. You can either see staff at reception or at the pool hall lifeguard station on the pool deck to obtain a key
  • Six unisex accessible bathrooms with showers, hand held shower hoses, grab bars and shower benches
  • Two sets of separate male and female toilets
  • Two sets of male and female ambulant toilets including change areas
  • Family change cubicles
  • Baby change areas
  • Eight separate, unisex change cubicles including one unisex toilet.

Electric and manual wheelchairs are available at reception along with water wheelchairs on the pool deck. Helpful staff can provide assistance to visitors wishing to use a wheelchair at reception to access the pool hall.

Access and Inclusion Lessons

Here at Access Ability Australia, we are always very proud to work with organisations that are responsive, innovative and energetic in developing accessible and inclusive experiences that embrace people of all abilities.

Knox Leisureworks Aquatic and Recreation Centre operate a specialised swimming program to assist learners of all abilities to engage in swimming lessons.

Classes are designed to work with each person’s ability and may operate on a one-to-one format or as part of a larger group with support from additional instructors.

Opportunities are available to people with disabilities as well as people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Access and Inclusion lessons link – https://knoxleisureworks.com.au/learn-to-swim/access-inclusion

Please note, due to current COVID-19 restrictions, we advise you to check in with the centre prior to your visit to learn about which features are currently available at the centre.

Knox Leisureworks website: https://knoxleisureworks.com.au/

You can see more in the Knox Leisureworks Access Key by clicking here.

50m indoor swimming pool at Knox Leisureworks with lane ropes and flags
Knox Leisureworks warm water pool hoist at sde of pool
Knox Leisureworks indoor toddler pool with frog water slide and active water features spraying water
Two water wheelchairs at Knox Leisureworks
Young boy wearing rash vest, bathers and goggles. Pictured swimming and using a kickboard.