With the silly season almost upon us, we thought it timely to share a piece to help accommodation providers better cater for guests with disability.

There are all kinds of questions people with disability may like the answer to prior to visiting new places. When you consider how many questions may be posed, it is hardly surprising that many people with disability may struggle to go out. When you have to fight so hard just to get in the door, it can seem easier not to try.

Australia’s accessible tourism sector is on par with the value of the inbound Chinese tourism market. A large percentage of people with a disability say they would go on holiday even more if they were aware of travel products that met their needs.

Provision of improved information can help people with disability make informed decisions about the suitability of accommodation. Today we are here to help accommodation providers cost effectively share this information so people with disability can enjoy equal access to experiences.

We invite you to meet Hireup client, Fiona. Fiona shares some tips for finding accessible accommodation to further support people with diability during travel. Click here to read.

We also share with you a list of other helpful self-assessment checklist tips that accommodation providers may wish to consider to make a stay for guests with disability more enjoyable. We encourage organisations to put detailed accessible information and photographs on websites, ideally on the top bar or homepage.

We appreciate everyone’s needs are different so we aim to provide a range of information to help cater for diverse needs.

  • Is accessible parking provided for guests with disability?
  • Is there ramp or a lift access to all levels?
  • What are the doorway clearances into accessible rooms – are they suitable for wheelchair users?
  • Do rooms offer provision of cordless appliances?
  • Do rooms offer remote controls for TV, heating, cooling along with instructions of use?
  • Do rooms offer telephone, lights and TV controls within reach of bed?
  • Do rooms have emergency assistance buzzer in bathroom and bedroom?
  • Do rooms have a clearance at side and underneath bed for person using a hoist?
  • Do rooms have microwave, oven and fridge facilities accessible from a wheelchair?
  • Do rooms have access to and under kitchen benches and sink for wheelchair?
  • Is room service for meals available?
  • Do rooms offer storage area for mobility aids?
  • Do rooms offer an accessible toilet?
  • Is a toilet commode available?
  • Do rooms provide roll in shower with shower chair, hand and grab rails?
  • Do bathrooms/rooms provide mirror that can be used from a seated position?
  • Can shower fittings and fixtures be reached from a seated position?
  • Do rooms have access to and under hand basin for wheelchair?
  • If a swimming pool is available, is there ramp access or a hoist for use?
  • Is there a local disability products and equipment supplier that guests with disability can hire from?
  • What other local attractions and dining options are accessible and available to guests?

Access Ability Australia have over 60 free to download accessibility guides (Access Keys) available on our website for a variety of experiences all designed to support people with disability access community with improved information. Visit our website library for free download. Click here.

Adult female sitting in a wheelchair at the beach