We are proud to announce a new partnership with Wallara Australia, an organisation who drive social change in our community to empower people with different abilities.

Wallara’s commitment to changing attitudes, and raising awareness and understanding of people with different abilities aligns with our goal to drive inclusive practices and improve community attitudes and commitments to the Social Model of Disability.

Sages Cottage Farm, showcased in a beautiful AAA Access Key, forms an integral part of Wallara’s commitment to raising awareness and inclusion where they see a unique opportunity to welcome the whole of community to this amazing property.

Our new partnership now supports this commitment into the wider community as we work at ground level up with Wallara clients and support workers. Access Keys will be utilised for Wallara’s get out and about in the community programs to support clients to confidently experience fun recreational activities and explore interests with friends.

Our shared vision and common goals strengthening opportunity for collaborative services and solutions will help venues showcased in Access Keys to become more successful and support Wallara clients to be more involved in community.

“When Wallara bought Sages Cottage Farm in 2016, our ambition was to make it Australia’s most inclusive farm.  It was important for us to have a relationship with AAA to build an Access Key that would assist us in achieving our goal. With shared values and vision, Wallara look forward to a productive partnership with AAA” said Wallara’s CEO, Phil Hayes.

“Working together will provide Access Ability Australia and Wallara opportunity to focus on people of different abilities throughout community so we can ensure their needs are met and that community experiences are more enjoyable” said Access Ability Australia cofounder, Maxine Parker.

“Sharing the common value of ‘together we make a difference’ will lead us towards a higher success rate of achieving outcomes and will allow us to offer services and solutions that help other organisations to become more inclusive” said Access Ability Australia’s cofounder, Judy O’Connor.

For more information on Wallara and services, visit Wallara’s website.

To view the Access Key for Sages Cottage Farm, go to our website library.

Three young adult Walalra clients pictured outdoors working in the gardens of Sages Cottage Farm
Two yound adult Wallara clients picutred outdoors at Cranbourne Royal Botanic Gardens