We are thrilled to congratulate one of our long-standing clients, The City of Greater Bendigo who has been named Victoria’s top tourism town.

We have been working with City of Greater Bendigo for the past 18 months now, and we know how proud they must be, because we know how hard they work to ensure that all community members, whether residents or visitors are able to access the cultural and other amenities that Bendigo has to offer.

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What makes a top tourism town?

The Top Tourism Town Awards showcase the value of tourism to the towns and communities across Australia and celebrate the diversity and outstanding regional destinations of our country.

Successful towns demonstrate a strong commitment and encourage tourism and increased visitation by offering an excellent visitor experience, and exhibiting collaboration with tourism operators, local businesses, and the community.

The City of Greater Bendigo is a great choice for the winner. Not just because of their incredible exhibitions, their history, and heritage, their festivals and events; but because of their tireless work with Access Ability Australia to ensure that all community members and visitors can attend events regardless of their ability.

Our work with the City of Greater Bendigo

In the last few months, AAA have worked with the City of Greater Bendigo to develop Access Keys and Social Stories for four well-known and beloved Bendigo Arts and Cultural Institutions:

  • Ulumburra Theatre
  • The Engine Room
  • Dudley House
  • The Capital.

Our resources for these magnificent arts and cultural centres in the City of Greater Bendigo are all currently under development. You can see other Access Keys and Social Stories we have completed for the City of Greater Bendigo here:

Access Keys
Access Keys are guides that provide convenient access information to support visitors and all members of the community to know what to expect when attending a performance, exhibition, event, library, recreational centre or even local parks and playgrounds. They are incredibly useful for people with disability, however, because they are universally designed for a wide audience, they are useful for everyone in the community.

Social Stories
Social Stories are a tool for individuals with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) and potentially other disabilities. They help the people who use them to understand what expect in social situations and how to prepare for a particular venue or event, reducing anxiety and distress.

Can our services help your organisation?
A significant number of people find accessing the community difficult for various reasons. We would love to talk to you about the access requirements of your organisation, and how our tools can help you to attract a greater and more diverse clientele. Contact us for more information.